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Over twenty years ago, Octane changed how people view ellipticals with innovations and unique modalities. Their work laid the foundation for what Octane is today with a portfolio of dynamic and high-performance cardio products built to help facilities and people fuel their lives. Octane is always looking for ways to improve so that they can continue to provide our buyers with innovative products, dedicated resources, and uncompromised quality - all with integrity. This is a reason why Octane is a division of TRUE Fitness. Regardless of your project or facility type, we have the equipment and resources necessary to make you successful. Octane will ensure your product is suited to your unique leads. You won't just be buying a product - you'll providing your exercisers with next level equipment.

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For over 25 years we have repaired, maintained, and installed new equipment in thousands of locations in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


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